An 8-Week Journey
to identify your desires, overcome limiting beliefs, and develop self-worth so you can live like a goddess.

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The best way to create a life with clarity, purpose, and joy is through ancient goddess wisdom.

Let me show you the way...

Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let's talk about who this is really for...

You're a spirit-seeking woman who knows that there is more to life than meets the eye. You want to reclaim your confidence and enthusiasm and feel guided by the divine. You want to live with more clarity, synchronicity, and magic.

This program is for you if you want to...

  • Begin a new chapter after a breakup or divorce, job loss, or an empty nest
  • Reconnect with the wisdom of your body and tap into your feminine power
  • Find your purpose and start moving out of your comfort zone
  • Prioritize your own wellbeing and spirituality over pleasing others
  • Remember the authentic wild woman that lives within

If any of these rings true, you're in the right place! I'm going to tell you exactly how  Live Like a Goddess will give you the tools, inspiration, and support on your journey. 

Can you imagine feeling confident, authentic, and inspired to make the most of your one truly mythic life?

By the end of this training, you'll have learned to:

Nourish Your Body

Cultivate Self-Love

Quiet Your Inner Critic

Elevate Your Relationships

Access Your Inner Wisdom

Discover Your Purpose

This training is a deep dive into my debut book, The Goddess Solution

"What a beautiful book! Whether you are new to Goddess philosophy and practice or a long-time devotee, Lisa’s book is a must-have for every modern spirit-seeker’s bookshelf. I enjoyed the practicality, personal stories, and simplicity of this offering." 

Katie Silcox - NYT Best Selling Author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy - Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Wisdom

The book shares the myths, and this program teaches you how to invoke your inner goddess through sisterhood, science, and sacred practices so you can become the best version of yourself and live a mythic life.

Course Format

Weekly Live Classes Wednesdays at 7 PM EST beginning June 1st.
All live classes will be recorded.

Live Class Schedule

June 1st
Set an intention from the heart

June 8th
Create a daily goddess routine

June 15th
Set and enforce boundaries

June 22nd
Quiet your inner critic

June 29th
Access your inner support system

July 6th
Upgrade limiting beliefs

July 13th
Identify your callings and purpose

July 20th
Celebrate & next steps

You also get...

6 modules of 30+ prerecorded lessons, practices, and meditations to support you on your journey.

A private Facebook group for women enrolled in the training.

Two live workshops with guest teachers.

Lifetime access to the content.

"It was like goddess Sunday school. I absolutely loved it!"

Here's what Masterclass alumni have had to say...


This information is crucial to how we might lead our lives more authentically as women. This is a compass that I will live my life by.


The teachings are so practical and down to earth, but also profoundly rich. It was like goddess Sunday school. I absolutely loved it!


Lisa’s teaching style guides us to expand beyond our comfort zones to embody more of our feminine essence.

Let's take a peek inside...

Module 1: Nourish Your Body with Demeter

Meet the goddess Demeter and learn to nourish your physical body through Ayurvedic fundamentals and self-care practices to befit a goddess. Your relationship to your physical body is the cornerstone for all of your spiritual work. Self-care IS a spiritual practice. If you want to wake up and reclaim your power, you’ll need to feel strong and energized. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to connect with the goddess Demeter and why you need her in your life
  • How to identify and manage your dosha (energy pattern) through  Ayurveda (an ancient Indian health system) to feel your very best
  • The fundamentals of Ayurvedic health and why they are important to you
  • Daily practices to feel like a goddess
  • A Demeter grounding meditation 

You'll leave this module feeling strong, centered, and ready to begin your goddess journey.

Module 2: Tap into Your Feminine Power with Oshun

The goddess Oshun guides you to reconnect with your feminine energy and make pleasure part of your spiritual practice to feel radiant and divine. The path of the goddess isn’t about giving things up or following a regimented self-improvement program, it’s about enjoying yourself and feeling good. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to Invoke the goddess Oshun to feel sensual and creative
  • How to reignite your Shakti power (that’s the feminine power that allows you to create and magnetize!)
  • The dynamics of giving and receiving
  • How to give yourself a Tantric breast massage
  • An Oshun womb-clearing  meditation to let go of anything you may be holding onto that is not in your highest interest

This module will show you the feminine side of spiritual practice that will leave you feeling creative, playful, and magnetizing. 

Module 3: Attend and Befriend Your Shadow with Morrighán

You can think of this goddess as your shadow, or let’s say your more difficult emotions. You’ll learn how to befriend her and evolve through the wisdom she shares. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to evoke Morrighan to provide you with the insight to uncover your shadow
  • Why you experience difficult emotions
  • Practices to feel calm and centered
  • How to recognize your shadow
  • An exercise to learn and evolve from your shadow
  • A tapping meditation for when Morrighan comes for a visit

To truly feel confident and whole you need to accept all aspects of yourself - not just the nice, pretty parts.

Module 4: Create Conscious Relationships with Parvati

Connect with the goddess Parvati to enter relationships conscious and whole. Relationships are like mirrors and they show us the areas where we still need to heal. We can use them as a guide on our spiritual journey. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to invoke Parvati to feel both sovereign and connected
  • How to use your relationships as an opportunity for spiritual growth
  • How early childhood experiences affect how you relate to others
  • How to rewire your brain through meditation for better relationships
  • Relationship strengthening practices

You can connect with Parvati to improve and evolve from your relationships and remember that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

Module 5: Access Your Inner Wisdom with Mary Magdalene

The goddess Mary Magdalene guides you to cultivate discernment and trust your inner wisdom. You are your own guru. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to invoke Mary Magdalene to connect with your intuition
  • How to rewrite limiting beliefs that keep you playing small
  • How to recognize fear-based thoughts and choose love instead
  • Ancient and modern practices to help you tap into your inner wisdom
  • A mantra meditation to experience bliss
  • A Mary Magdalene meditation to connect you to your inner teacher

This module explains the importance of getting still, trusting your intuition, and making time every day to connect with your highest self.

Module 6: Rediscover Your Purpose and Live Like Lakshmi

Connect with the goddess Lakshmi to manifest internal and external wealth so you can live like a goddess. Lakshmi shows you that abundance is not contained to material goods, you also need pleasure, purpose, and liberation to feel truly abundant. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to Invoke Lakshmi to live a life of grace, gratitude, and generosity
  • How to call in abundance
  • The four aims to a happy life
  • An exercise to help you manifest your ideal life
  • A Lakshmi meditation to help you tap into your desires

In this module, you’ll uncover what living like a goddess means to you specifically. You’ll learn about the key components to a happy life that is meaningful and authentic to you. 

Guest Teachers & Workshops 

Awaken the Goddess Within

Tuesday, June 14th, 7-8:30 PM EST.
Join Liz Reichard, founder of Sunranges Qoya in Australia, for an embodiment dance class to awaken your inner goddess. Liz found her true calling when she discovered Qoya. It is designed to get you out of your head and into your body.

Moon + Womb

Tuesday, July 6h, 7-8 PM EST.
Arlene Salcedo will discuss the different moon phases and how they're similar to your menstrual cycle - even if you no longer menstruate. You'll learn about rituals, food, plant allies, and yoni steaming for emotional womb wellness.

But wait... there's more!

When you enroll today, you'll also receive three fantastic bonuses that will guide you on your goddess journey.

7-Day Devotion Mini-course ($99 value)

Start your day with prayer, gratitude, and meditation.

Face Your Fears Workshop ($45 value)

In this Live workshop, you'll connect with Durga to overcome fear and move forward.

Release & Restore Retreat ($45 value)

In this recorded workshop, you'll learn to let go of what's holding you back.

What makes Live Like a Goddess different?

This training is unlike other self-help or personal development programs. I’m not going to give you another set of rules to follow or a set of principles to live by. And really, adhering to rules is just another way women try to feel better about themselves through external benchmarks. It’s a pretty masculine approach. 

Instead, Live Like a Goddess provides teachings and practices that show you how to tap into your goddess superpowers so you can become the best version of yourself. It offers a feminine perspective on spirituality not based on dogma or rules, but on intuition, sisterhood, and what feels good to you. Becoming a goddess isn’t a look - it’s a way of life. You're already a goddess!

There’s literally no risk involved because you’re backed by my 14-day money-back guarantee! 

I'm so confident that this training will be just what you need to feel like a goddess, that I am backing this offer with a 14-day money-back guarantee. That means that you get to go through the first two modules in their entirety. If you feel that it’s not a fit, no problem - you get your money back. This is risk-free adventure.

Hey, Sister! I’m Lisa Marie and I can’t wait to be your guide.

I began this journey shortly after my divorce. I felt weary, uncertain, and let’s face it - unworthy. My energy was off but I didn't know how to improve it. I found myself trying to mask my feelings of unease with alcohol, men, shopping, and beauty treatments. Of course, my inner goddess knew I couldn't cover up my malaise - I had to heal it.

I returned to my spirituality. I started to go deeper into my yoga practice, becoming a yoga teacher. I became an Ayurvedic coach specializing in women's health and spirituality. And I began to learn more about ancient goddesses and how we can apply their wisdom to modern life. And oh my! These goddesses had so much to share. It was like I uncovered a tomb of wisdom that I hadn’t yet considered.

I learned to stop looking outside myself for validation and to start looking within. I started to prioritize self-care, reconnect with my feminine energy, and let my intuition guide me. I began to live the life I was meant to live.

In my book, The Goddess Solution, I explain how women can apply goddess wisdom to everyday scenarios like attracting love, manifesting abundance, and parenting with grace. We can look at goddess myths for inspiration, and we can embody goddess energy to give us the power we need to live our best life. In this training, I go even deeper, sharing practices and tools that can help you invoke your inner goddess. 

I went from feeling incomplete and uninspired to whole and holy and I know that you can too! I am thrilled and honored to show you the way.

I hope you'll join me on this journey.

Lisa Marie xx